Macastory's Ron and Fergus really brought our portraits and their stories to life.  Their well-researched and humorous songs and stories were enjoyed by visitors of all ages.
Meg Faragher ,SNPG Learning Co-ordinator Scottish National Portrait Gallery

Macastory were brilliant at the Inverclyde Myths and Legends Festival !
Brian Palmer Entertainments Manager

Macastory's Christmas Show was a storytelling delight! this a very special event for us – and a lovely way to celebrate Christmas together.
  Sally Hourston, Head teacher North Queensferry P.S.

What a brilliant show! I have been trying for years to get my children to appreciate the works of art in the Gallery. The 'Macastory Enlightenment Show' engaged my 11 and 8 year olds by bringing the Gallery alive. The songs, the music, the costumes and props all added to the entertainment especially when the actors became the people in the frames around them. What an experience! Who said the Portrait  Gallery wasn't fun for kids!
  Chris Lane ,Parent